Business Green Hotel Hino:Guidance of the staying

Guidance of the staying

Reservation, inquiry

Availability and the inquiry, please connect a reservation at the following willingly.

Business Green Hotel Hino

TEL : 0748-53-1001
FAX : 0748-53-1006

Room Charge

Single Aone person use


Single Bone person use¥6,050
Twinone person use¥7,100
two perons use¥11,890(お一人¥5,945)
three persons use¥14,630(お一人¥4,876)
Japanese style room1~¥5,350×人数
3~9 people
10 people or above

※Japanese style room is available only when western style room is not available.

※Japanese style room rate id JPY5,200.

※We can accept group reservation for 40 people & over 100 people

※Service charge & consumption taxincluded

Check-in ・Check-out

until 11:00AMuntil 12:00PM after 12:00PM
Excessive charge (Room charge x)30%50%100%

Facility・Guest room service

Free breakfact ( registered guests only )
Wi-Fi、Internet connection is available in each room. LAN cable is available by rental.
Trouser press
Trouser press is available for businessman's appearance by rental
Coin Laundry
Guests can use them at 3rd floor. Detergent is sold at the front desk.
We can send fax at @JPY100 per sheet at the front desk.
Rental bicycle
Rental bicycle is available for free. Please use it when you go out near.
Vending Machine
Vending Machines are available (drink at 2nd, 3rd & 4th fllor, cigarette at 1st floor).
Semi-double bed
Spacious semi-double beds are equipped in all the single rooms.
Body soap・rinse‐containing‐type shampoo・Bus towel・Hand towel・Toothbrush
Dryers are equipped in all the rooms.
Yukatas are prepared in all the rooms. ※Not pajamas
Vacuum flask
Vacuum flasks are prepared in all the rooms.
You can use 51l refrigerator for free in all the rooms.
LCD TV sets are equipped in all the rooms and you can use it for free.
Pay channel
You can use pay channel card; JPY1,000/sheet for pay channel.